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Argentina: Vegetarian Options Expand

Vegetarian Options Expand in Argentina
Thursday August 11, 2016

Argentina: Vegetarian Options Expand.

Argentina has always been known for its high consumption of beef. In fact, a statistic asserts that 60 years ago, each Argentinian would consume an average of 98 kg of beef per year.

Although this statistic has decreased by a third, Argentina still consumes a lot of meat. Furthermore, the pleasing thought of grass-fed cows roaming the countryside of Argentina is no longer a reality; the majority of Argentina´s beef comes from factory farms.

Because of this, there is an increasing number of locals that are seeking out the vegetarian lifestyle in order to decrease the destruction of the environment and promote sustainability.

There is a growing array of restaurants that provide vegetarian options in Argentina due to this burgeoning interest in vegetarian dishes.

Some of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires include:

  • Despierta: Espacio Cultural y Espiritual, known for its pizza
  • Bio Solo Organico, known for its soup
  • Casa Munay, a great hang out spot with delicious vegan snacks
  • Artemisia, known for its veggie burgers and breads

Although the country is known for its delicious carnivorous plates, there is a growing number of vegetarian options for the veggie-lovers in Argentina!

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