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Argentina’s Hornocal Mountain: Spectacular Site

Argentina´s Hornocal Mountain: Spectacular Site to Sit and Reflect
Friday November 17, 2017

Argentina´s Hornocal Mountain: Spectacular Site 

The world is full of natural attractions that we must visit. One of them is the Hornocal Mountain, located in the city of Humahuaca, Argentina, characterized by its 14 colors.

Similar to Vinincunca mountain in Peru, this fascinating destination is located at more than 4 thousand meters above sea level and is notable for its calcareous formation of numerous minerals that, when eroded by wind and rain, left their colors on the slopes of the mountains. The formations are also are strikingly triangular as they zigzag perfectly along the mountain range.

Some say that there are at least 33 color tones displayed on the mountain, among them green, yellow and white, but counting them is surely of lesser importance. The best thing is simply to sit and contemplate, enjoy the silence and recover the breath that escapes with the altitude, enjoying the changes of tones with the sun, the clouds and the time of day. It has been suggested to visit it in the afternoon, when the sun highlights the colors on the hillside.

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