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Buenos Aires Plans to Close its Zoo

Buenos Aires Plans to Close its Zoo
Saturday July 02, 2016

The Argentine capital Buenos Aires has issued a statement declaring its plans to close the zoo.

The Buenos Aires zoo has been opened for 140 years and contains 2,500 animals that roam its 44 acres. Located in the Palermo neighborhood, it will soon be closed down for ethical reasons.

Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta asserts that putting animals on display in captivity is degrading. He says that ´´it´s not the way to take care of them.´´

As a solution, the Buenos Aires Zoo plans to move its animals to nature reserves throughout Argentina. The idea is that these environments will be more suitable for the animals. Furthermore, the zoo itself will be converted to an Ecopark to be opened later in 2016.

Some of the current animals will remain at the Ecopark, particularly the old and sick animals that would be hard to move to a nature reserve. The park will also be a safe haven and rehab center for rescued animals.

Though Buenos Aires´s zoo is quite popular among tourists, leaders believe that this new initiative will value and care for the animals in the best way possible.

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