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Vilá got United Nations Conservation Prize for her work in conservation of vicuñas

Vilá got United Nations Conservation Prize for her work in conservation of vicuñas

Tuesday September 30, 2014

After 30 years of hard work the Argentine researcher Bibiana Vilá, a scientific coordinator of the Advisory Council of Biodiversity and Sustainability of the Ministry of Science of Argentina has been honored by UN´s Convention on Biological Diversity and received the United Nation´s Midori award.

The award is given by the organization every two years to somebody doing marvelous work in conservation of local, regional or global scale of biodiversity and the sustainable use of it. (more…)

The Smell of Argentina´s Food

The Smell of Argentina´s Food

Monday April 28, 2014

When you travel to Argentina, falling in love with the food is easy to do. Recently in London, the people have also found this love as many more steak houses and other Argentine restaurants are appearing there. Many people think of Argentina´s main dish as steak, but there are so many other delectable foods that come from this country. Argentina has a unique blend of cuisine because of its history: from the influences of the natives to the Spanish conquistadores, then the Italians and the Europeans in general.

The type of cooking also depends on different regions within the country. (more…)

March in Buenos Aires: What to do

March in Buenos Aires: What to do

Tuesday March 05, 2013

Schools are restarting, as are political processes again after the summer break, and Buenos Aires is ready for autumn and the city is back up in full swing.

Live music, art exhibits, and the Colón Theatre Season are all part of the upcoming cultural program.

Festivals and Events

Inauguration of the A line: The historical A Line will be reopening after a summer full renovating the trains on the line. Keep an eye out for various new murals or artistic interventions at different stations or on the trains themselves. (more…)

Buenos Aires Fashion Week is Back!

Buenos Aires Fashion Week is Back!

Tuesday February 26, 2013

BAFWeek, the annual event indispensible to the Argentine fashion industry is returning, bringing the biggest and best national brands, independent designers along with international super-brands.

This year’s theme is “Illustration and Fashion”, for which top designers such as Mishka, Desiderata, Prüne and Cora Groppo have confirmed their attendance.

Daily fashion shows in around 25 showrooms will be taking place, allowing designers to showcase their new creations, varying from shoes and bags to casual and formal wear.