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Vegetarian Options Expand in Argentina

Argentina: Vegetarian Options Expand

Thursday August 11, 2016

Argentina: Vegetarian Options Expand.

Argentina has always been known for its high consumption of beef. In fact, a statistic asserts that 60 years ago, each Argentinian would consume an average of 98 kg of beef per year.

Although this statistic has decreased by a third, Argentina still consumes a lot of meat. Furthermore, the pleasing thought of grass-fed cows roaming the countryside of Argentina is no longer a reality; the majority of Argentina´s beef comes from factory farms.

Because of this, there is an increasing number of locals that are seeking out the vegetarian lifestyle in order to decrease the destruction of the environment and promote sustainability. (more…)

The Smell of Argentina´s Food

The Smell of Argentina´s Food

Monday April 28, 2014

When you travel to Argentina, falling in love with the food is easy to do. Recently in London, the people have also found this love as many more steak houses and other Argentine restaurants are appearing there. Many people think of Argentina´s main dish as steak, but there are so many other delectable foods that come from this country. Argentina has a unique blend of cuisine because of its history: from the influences of the natives to the Spanish conquistadores, then the Italians and the Europeans in general.

The type of cooking also depends on different regions within the country. (more…)

MASA Taco Club: Your New Thursday Evening Tradition

MASA Taco Club: Your New Thursday Evening Tradition

Tuesday January 22, 2013

If you enjoy tacos and dinner parties, as well as meeting new people, you’ve got to clear any Thursday night commitments for MASA Taco Club. It is a weekly dinner, hosted in various houses across the city, belonging to Porteños. Kevin Vaughn, chef and US expat travels to a new home every week and cooks up a storm of Mexican food. He created MASA in September 2012 and aims to bring people together over great food. From reviews, he is accomplishing this goal at some pace.

Food is cooked to a set menu, transferring the emphasis of the evening to intimate conversation (more…)