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Conference Discusses Fracking in Argentina

Conference Discusses Fracking in Argentina
Wednesday November 09, 2016

Conference Discusses Fracking in Argentina

Recently, a conference was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina to discuss the reality of fracking in Argentina.

The organizations Observatorio Petrolero Sur and Taller Ecologista instigated the event in order to increase awareness of environmental issues and heath.

Numerous scientists, government officials, and experts attended the event. Some especially honored guests were three women from New York: Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Dr. Kathleen Nolan and Colleen Boland.

Dr. Steingraber and Dr. Nolan both worked with a group that is against fracking called Concerned Health Professionals of New York. Boland is an activist who also opposes fracking, specifically in Seneca Lake, New York.

Observatorio Petrolero Sur invited these three guests to the conference to discuss the impact that fracking has on Neuquén, the area in northern Patagonia where fracking is occurring in Argentina.

The guests brought translated materials of fracking studies and other articles asserting their opinion. They warned of the danger of depleting the earth of its resources and the negative impacts fracking can have on the environment.

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