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Five Places to Visit in Argentina

Five Places to Visit in Argentina
Tuesday February 12, 2013

Argentina’s average tourist spends time in just two places, Buenos Aires and the Iguazu Falls. It is the world’s eighth largest country and Ushuaia is closer to Antarctica than it’s capital. Things are so far away from each other that buses don’t seem worth the cost, and flights even less so. However this is untrue, Argentina’s biodiversity, from the sun and the sea to the glaciers and mountains of the Andes is well worth exploring, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Buenos Aires linked with the Iguazu Falls is undoubtedly a beautiful short trip; getting to know a cosmopolitan city and one of the natural wonders of the world. However, let your Argentine adventure include the Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, the Parana Delta, Salta, the Pampas and Mendoza’s vineyards. After all, the richness of Argentine cuisine, wine, dance and music cannot be experienced from just two places.

These 5 destinations: Iguazu, Tierra del Fuego, Parana Delta, the Pampas and Mendoza cover the length of the country and investing the extra money is a must if you want to get anything out of the country.

Distances are long, but Argentina has an excellent road and air system. All five places are served by direct flights from Buenos Aires, and often from the other named places. Buses are an option, and the best bus companies offer safe and comfortable routes that offer bed-like seats, that recline most of the way.

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