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All You Need to Know About Bus Travel in Argentina

All You Need to Know About Bus Travel in Argentina
Friday April 25, 2014

If you will be travelling in Argentina, you may want to know the best way to get around the country.  This article is designed to help make your bus travels in Argentina as smooth as possible, literally and figuratively. The bus companies´ names are in Italics and the ones mentioned in this article are the most common for long distance trips in Argentina. All busses depart out of Buenos Aires from Estación de Omnibuses in Retiro, easy to reach by bus, train, taxi or subte (línea C: Retiro – Constitución).

Grupo Via Bariloche (Bus Plus)

With more than ten bus companies, Via Bariloche, is one of the biggest groups in Argentina. You can recognize busses of Via Bariloche by their green color. The companies connect Buenos Aires to cities in all directions of the country; for example, El Valle to Valle de Punilla, with Via Bariloche to Mendoza or Bariloche, with El Rosarino to Córdoba and Rosario or with Tigre Iguazu to Iguazu. You will have enough choices to find the connection that suits your travel the best.

–          Via Bariloche

–          El Valle

–          Via TAC

–          Tigre Iguazu

–          Don Otto

–          Express Quebus!!

–          Albus

–          Ko:Ko

–          Rutamar

–          El Rosarino

–          Vosa

–          Expreso

–          San Juan mar del Plata

Hiking to Huchuy Qosqo - Cusco, Peru

Grupo Plaza

Grupo Plaza is a company that has a very complete offer in bus transportation. Busses of Plaza are known for their red color. Next to long-haul bus services there are city busses and medium-haul bus lines, such as Retiro to La Plata (1hr, 25 AR$). The companies in this group for long distance destinations are listed below.

–          Plaza

–          Mercobus

–          Dumascat

–          El Rapido Argentino

Plusmar, Chevallier, CATA Internacional

Plusmar is a company that is specialized in all destinations in and around the province of Buenos Aires. Chevallier and CATA are independent companies that offer a large amount of destinations in the country. Both of them have VIP busses, which are relatively cheap. They are perfect for people who want to travel very comfortably, even more comfortably than “cama” which is already like flying business class on a basic airline.

Hiking to Huchuy Qosqo - Cusco, Peru

Grupo Andesmar

This group of long haul bus carriers is a popular option for many Argentinians and tourists. A small group, of four larger companies, services all of Argentina. From Ushuaia to Jujuy, Buenos Aires to Bariloche, Puerto Madryn to Iguazu or Mendoza, everything is possible with Andesmar. It also has four major hubs: Retiro, Mendoza, Gral. Roca, and Bahía Blanca. International trips can be done with El Rápido Internacional.

–          Andesmar

–          Tramat

–          Expreso TransAmericano

–          El Rápido Internacional

Hiking to Huchuy Qosqo - Cusco, Peru

Grupo Crucero del Norte

This group is active in even the North and the South of Argentina, but it also offers international trips to Bolivia and Paraguay. Busses can be recognized because of the yellow and orange color many of them have.

–          Crucero del Norte

–          Crucero del Sur

–          Turismo Parque

–          San Cristobal

–          Jovi Bus

–          Itati II

–          Transrosario Boliviana

–          Sol del Paraguay

Flecha Bus

Flecha Bus is also a large group which serves all major destinations in Argentina. Flecha Bus is a company who does city tours (hop-on hop-off) in Buenos Aires in the yellow busses without a roof.

–          Flecha Bus

–          San Jose

–          Nuevo Expreso

–          Rapido Tata

–          Zenit

–          El Norte

–          Dominguez Viajes

–          Empresa Godoy

–          Basa Costera Criolla

–          Kurtz

Hiking to Huchuy Qosqo - Cusco, Peru

Smaller ones

Next to these companies there are a lot of other companies which are also very good and some of them offer even more comfort than these above. Like for instance, Cosenza SRL that drives to their destinations in brand new Mercedes-Benz coaches.


The most regular classes for long haul travel are:

–          Semicama: You can put your seatback somewhat flat, but not much. Seats are not very wide if you compare them to higher classes

–          Cama: Your comfortable seat can be turned into a bed, but not perfectly flat.

–          Executivo / Suite: Your seat can turn into a perfectly flat bed. More service on board.

The price differences for the different classes are not big. If your trip is longer than 3 hours we recommend you to take ‘cama’. If there is no difference in price just go for ‘cama’. You can compare ´cama´ with ‘economy +’ in airplanes.

Hiking to Huchuy Qosqo - Cusco, Peru

How to travel in Argentina

Usually you are allowed to take luggage with you. Most of the people take one bag to put in the storage of the bus, and a small backpack for in the cabin (carry-ons).

On board of almost every bus you have the possibility to eat something. Most of the time meals are included, like for Retiro to Mendoza: dinner and breakfast are included. Just in case you do not like the food, that actually is pretty good, we recommend you to take a snack with you.

Booking tickets

The best site to have a complete overview of all companies, no matter what group they are in, is www. You can also book your ticket in the bus station (Estación de Omnibuses) or find them on the travel company´s website that you will be using.

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3 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About Bus Travel in Argentina

  1. Thanks for this post, this makes it much easier to pick the right bus!

  2. I must just warn you: avoid FlechaBus! If you book with them, they may betray you and sell you a ticket which is actually a bad quality local’s bus for most of the way and only a small part of your trip then in an actual Flecha Bus. Of course for the price of the full trip in FlechaBus…

    This happened to me, when I was booking a trip in the FlechaBus office in La Quiaca going to Salta. I had to spend over five hours in a cheap bus (Arco Iris) with neither air conditioning nor bathroom and only the last two hours were actually in a FlechaBus. When I protested before boarding that I had requested a trip in a FlechaBus, the staff at the FlechaBus office told me that I would be changing from the cheap bus into the FlechaBus after 15 minutes. Well, this was a pure lie!

    If that’s what you’re looking for, well, then you sure can book with FlechaBus…

  3. I want to book a reservation on Andesmar from Bariloche to Mendoza….but I do not understand what the different semi cama choices mean….letters are used in front of the semi cama choices without explanation.


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