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Obama Reschedules Trip after Criticism

Obama Reschedules Trip after Criticism
Tuesday March 15, 2016

Barack Obama has rescheduled a trip to Buenos Aires, because of criticism over his planned presence in the city on March 24. It was on this day, 40 years ago, that the military coup installed a military dictatorship. The United States of America supported this military dicatatorship at first, which is why Barack Obama received a lot of critism over his plannend presence on the 40th year anniversary of the military dictatorhsip which was installed that day.

Nobel prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel and human rights activists had called on the President of the United States to avoid coming to Buenos Aires on March 24. Obama respects the situation and has decided to head south (Bariloche), in order to avoid being in Buenos Aires on March 24. Instead, he will be playing golf on this day, nearly 1,000 miles from Buenos Aires.

On March 24, 1976 the military junta was installed and from this moment on, thousands of opponents were killed, until the democracy was restored in 1983. Human rights Nobel prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel warned Obama that his presence on March 24 would coincide with huge marches, because Argentineans commemorate the victims of the coup on this day, and it could even lead to confrontations. Until this day, the coup of the military junta is a highly fierced debated topic.

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