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The Smell of Argentina´s Food

The Smell of Argentina´s Food
Monday April 28, 2014

When you travel to Argentina, falling in love with the food is easy to do. Recently in London, the people have also found this love as many more steak houses and other Argentine restaurants are appearing there. Many people think of Argentina´s main dish as steak, but there are so many other delectable foods that come from this country. Argentina has a unique blend of cuisine because of its history: from the influences of the natives to the Spanish conquistadores, then the Italians and the Europeans in general.

The type of cooking also depends on different regions within the country. In Patagonia, the southern region of Argentina, there is a lot of lamb that is said to have a particular taste because the grass they eat has sea salt blown on it from the coast and this flavor is absorbed in the meat. In Bariloche there is fat trout, wine from Mendoza´s vineyards, and the crabs from Ushuaia. Then there is the famous beef which is actually a British import that most likely comes from London itself. The meat originally came from the cows in the Pampas plains, but now that the best meat is exported first, it is unlikely for it to come from Argentina.

As Argentine food has become a big success in London many delicious steak houses are appearing all over and becoming quite popular with the London people. Several restaurants, such as Gaucho that has the same founders as Sucre in Buenos Aires, are responsible for the Argentine food´s popularity. Now even more restaurants are popping up, displaying delicious delicacies, and giving a new meaning to Argentine cuisine for London. For example, Moo Grill is one of the latest projects that is working to help Londoners realize that there is more to Argentina than just meat. This restaurant offers steak, but it also has introduced other dishes like lomitos and milanesas that are a little more affordable. With time, these restaurants are hoping to bring new light to Argentine´s food and awaken a love for more than just its meat.

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