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Big Names For Lollapalooza Festival Argentina 2018

Big Names For Lollapalooza Festival Argentina 2018

Friday January 12, 2018

Big Names For Lollapalooza Festival Argentina 2018

In the weekend of 16, 17 and 18 March 2018 one of the biggest festivals in Argentina will take place. Lollapalooza Argentina is since 2014 an annual festival that will be held in Hipódromo de San Isidro in Buenos Aires. Big names like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Imagine Dragons, Kygo, Pearl Jam, Wiz Khalifa and about a hundred more artists will perform during the 3-day festival on five different stages.

Lollapalooza is a musical festival, founded in the United States. Since 2010 the festival expanded to Chile, Germany, France, Brazil and since three years, to Argentina. (more…)

Argentina Officially Takes Control of G-20 Presidency

Argentina Officially Takes Control of G-20 Presidency

Monday December 18, 2017

Argentina Officially Takes Control of G-20 Presidency

Argentina took over the presidency of the G-20 for the first time during an event last week. During the event, President Mauricio Macri called on countries to “create basic consensus” to generate “inclusive growth”, while stressing that Argentina “inspires confidence” in the world because it goes “down the right path”.

“We want to be an expression of the entire region, we will demonstrate that we can join a global conversation without raising our voice in anger and without passively following the interests of others,” he said during his message of only 10 minutes. (more…)

Swiss Airline Edelweiss Begins Swiss-Argentine Route

Swiss Airline Edelweiss Begins Swiss-Argentine Route

Friday November 10, 2017

Swiss Airline Edelweiss Begins Swiss-Argentine Route

The Lufthansa Group announced that Swiss International Airline, through its associated airline Edelweiss, will start flying the Buenos Aires – Zurich route in November of next year.

Initially, Edelweiss will have two weekly flights that will depart from Buenos Aires to Zurich on Monday and Thursday, returning to the Argentine capital on Sunday and Wednesday.
The Lufthansa Group will thus have 9 weekly flights between Argentina and Europe, all of them departing from Buenos Aires, of which 7 will have as final destination the city of Frankfurt (more…)

Three Argentines Make Prestigious MIT´s “Innovators Under 35” List

Three Argentines Make Prestigious MIT’s “Innovators Under 35” List

Thursday November 09, 2017

Three Argentines Make Prestigious MIT´s “Innovators Under 35” List

Three Argentines have made the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Technology Review s “Innovators under 35” list, an award for 35 outstanding innovators each year. According to its website, the award recognizes “individuals whose superb technical work promises to shape the coming decades,” and rewards “ingenious and elegant work that matters to the world at large—not just to peers in a particular field or industry.” The recipients include Santiago Siri, Agustina Fainguersch and Florencia Montini, were selected among more than 3,000 applicants. (more…)

Unemployment in Argentina Decreases

Unemployment in Argentina Decreases

Thursday December 08, 2016

The National Institute of Statistics and Census of Argentina (INDEC) recently announced that unemployment in Argentina has decreased.

INDEC specifically announced that the unemployment rate dropped from 9.3% to 8.5% during the third quarter of this year.

This signifies a 0.8% decrease in the unemployment rate from the previous quarter. Furthermore, this number represents 110,000 new jobs that were newly occupied in the last few months.

Last year, the government claimed the unemployment rate to be 5.9%. (more…)

Conference Discusses Fracking in Argentina

Conference Discusses Fracking in Argentina

Wednesday November 09, 2016

Conference Discusses Fracking in Argentina

Recently, a conference was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina to discuss the reality of fracking in Argentina.

The organizations Observatorio Petrolero Sur and Taller Ecologista instigated the event in order to increase awareness of environmental issues and heath.

Numerous scientists, government officials, and experts attended the event. Some especially honored guests were three women from New York: Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Dr. Kathleen Nolan and Colleen Boland.

Dr. Steingraber and Dr. Nolan both worked with a group that is against fracking called Concerned Health Professionals of New York. (more…)

Vegetarian Options Expand in Argentina

Argentina: Vegetarian Options Expand

Thursday August 11, 2016

Argentina: Vegetarian Options Expand.

Argentina has always been known for its high consumption of beef. In fact, a statistic asserts that 60 years ago, each Argentinian would consume an average of 98 kg of beef per year.

Although this statistic has decreased by a third, Argentina still consumes a lot of meat. Furthermore, the pleasing thought of grass-fed cows roaming the countryside of Argentina is no longer a reality; the majority of Argentina´s beef comes from factory farms.

Because of this, there is an increasing number of locals that are seeking out the vegetarian lifestyle in order to decrease the destruction of the environment and promote sustainability. (more…)

Buenos Aires Plans to Close its Zoo

Buenos Aires Plans to Close its Zoo

Saturday July 02, 2016

The Argentine capital Buenos Aires has issued a statement declaring its plans to close the zoo.

The Buenos Aires zoo has been opened for 140 years and contains 2,500 animals that roam its 44 acres. Located in the Palermo neighborhood, it will soon be closed down for ethical reasons.

Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta asserts that putting animals on display in captivity is degrading. He says that ´´it´s not the way to take care of them.´´

As a solution, the Buenos Aires Zoo plans to move its animals to nature reserves throughout Argentina. The idea is that these environments will be more suitable for the animals. (more…)

Teamsters Union Abnnounces New Strike

Teamsters Union Abnnounces New Strike

Monday June 13, 2016

The teamsters union in Buenos Aireshas announced a 48-hour strike after negotiations with the Labour Minister failed. The strike would affect the fuel delivery service and workers are threatening to hold another strike next week if their salary demands are not met. Moreover, trash will not be collected during the strike.

Truck drivers in Argentina demand a 42 percent higher wage and rejected the proposed 28 percent from business leaders which offered to pay this in 3 periods. The truck drivers also protest against the income tax which is said to affect 95 percent of the sector´s workers. (more…)

Obama Reschedules Trip after Criticism

Obama Reschedules Trip after Criticism

Tuesday March 15, 2016

Barack Obama has rescheduled a trip to Buenos Aires, because of criticism over his planned presence in the city on March 24. It was on this day, 40 years ago, that the military coup installed a military dictatorship. The United States of America supported this military dicatatorship at first, which is why Barack Obama received a lot of critism over his plannend presence on the 40th year anniversary of the military dictatorhsip which was installed that day.

Nobel prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel and human rights activists had called on the President of the United States to avoid coming to Buenos Aires on March 24. (more…)