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Teamsters Union Abnnounces New Strike

Teamsters Union Abnnounces New Strike
Monday June 13, 2016

The teamsters union in Buenos Aireshas announced a 48-hour strike after negotiations with the Labour Minister failed. The strike would affect the fuel delivery service and workers are threatening to hold another strike next week if their salary demands are not met. Moreover, trash will not be collected during the strike.

Truck drivers in Argentina demand a 42 percent higher wage and rejected the proposed 28 percent from business leaders which offered to pay this in 3 periods. The truck drivers also protest against the income tax which is said to affect 95 percent of the sector´s workers. “We never had an answer. All the services are affected because 95 percent of truck drivers pay income tax. All activities might suffer walkouts,” said Pablo Moyano, member of the teamsters union.

This Wednesday, 15th of June, union leaders and representatives of particular companies will resume with the negotiations. “We want the income tax projects to be addressed (in Congress), it is something that comes from the previous government with the CGT (labour confederation) launching five strikes because of that matter,” Moyano said. “There are projects (of law) that lawmakers have not addressed. They all lifted their hands to pay to vulture funds, but when they have to work for workers they all disappear. The Peronists, the Radicals and the PRO. No one does anything for workers, only lawmakers of the unions.”

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