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Wednesday night movie night!

Wednesday night movie night!
Thursday February 25, 2016

Every Wednesday night it is movie night in Buenos Aires! BA Plan organizes outdoor cinema nights in Palermo. It’s in the host’s backyard. There are mattresses, pillows and blankets for guests where they can lay comfortably while an Argentinean film with English subtitles will be shown underneath the stars. There is also a pool in the backyard for people who like to watch movies and swim at the same time.

The price is $120 pesos and this includes one beer and popcorn. For the price of $150 pesos you also get a burger or chori. It’s something unique and it gives you the opportunity to meet new people and/or traveler in the heart of Palermo.

The film will start at 20.30, but if you arrive a bit earlier you will be able to get the best spot, and watch the sky darken.

The program is planned to continue until April, with different movies every week!

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