Excursions Categories in Buenos Aires - Pampeana


A Day in the Countryside - La Alameda
1.- A Day in the Countryside - La Alameda

Located in Chascomus the estancia “La Alameda” is one of the largest establishments that remains from the Buenos Aires campaign. After a welcome reception... read more »

A Day in The Pampas
2.- A Day in The Pampas

A day in the pampas I: San Antonio de Areco Located 110km from Buenos Aires, we travel through some beautiful Argentinean countryside to San Antonio de... read more »

(Mountain) Bike Rides

Bike Tour Buenos Aires
1.- Bike Tour Buenos Aires

Why not explore the magnificent city of Buenos Aires by bike, you can choose from any of our 3 options; all are easy rides with lots of interesting... read more »

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