A Day in The Pampas - Buenos Aires

Location: San Antonio de Areco or Luján
Starting / Ending Point: Pick-up from hotel

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A day in the pampas I: San Antonio de Areco
A Day in The Pampas Located 110km from Buenos Aires, we travel through some beautiful Argentinean countryside to San Antonio de Areco at the former colonial border. Walking through the historical main square, we stop off at the County Hall, the principal church and the workshops of some of the well known and very talented silversmiths known as the “classic pampas artisans”. Then it’s on to one of the region’s main estancias for a delicious, traditional “criollo” lunch of barbeque, empanadas, salads, ice cream, fruit and drinks. Your afternoon is free to spend as you choose; either horseback riding, walking, bird watching, or swimming. Then we journey back to Buenos Aires to enjoy a typical Argentinean countryside tea of; mate, sweet pastries, tea and coffee. 
Journey: San Antonio de Areco, Draghi’s workshop, Estancia. Lunch: empanadas, barbecue, salads; ice cream or fruit salad; drinks are included. Countryside tea: mate, tea or coffee with sweet bakeries.

A day at the pampas II: Luján
A Day in The Pampas An perfect trip for those who want to go to the outdoors, where international tourists are rare to be seen. In Luján city we visit the very impressive basilica, the sanctuary of the virgin that patronages Argentina and the local historical museum. Afterwards  we visit the historical estancia “Los talas”, only a few kilometers away from Luján city. This place provides the original scenery for the enjoyment of homemade Pampas food. This estancia allows not only full enjoyment of the countryside life but also treasures an outstanding library of 40.000 volumes amongst which we can find unique publications from the XVII century and on.

Journey: Luján (1° Stop), Basilica, Colonial Museum, Estancia "Los Talas" (2° Stop).


Full day (9 am to 6 pm).


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