Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche is a popular tourist destination and the most common base from which to explore Argentina’s Lake District. The surrounding natural wonderland is ideal for those who want to trek, ride, climb, ski or raft their way across this dramatically rugged landscape. There’s no shortage of companies offering visitors the chance to get around this challenging environment in safe and interesting ways. Bariloche’s picturesque surrounds are undoubtedly the biggest draw for many visitors; the large lakes (which offer superb fishing) and snow-capped mountains all relatively close to the city, keep those seeking geographically-spectacular photo opportunities well satisfied.

The city itself is also famous for its chocolate, which can be a little disappointing in the rest of Argentina, so make sure you indulge in Bariloche! The city is conveniently located in-between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, providing a stopover for those travelling to the extreme south of the country. There are regular flights serving the city and it’s also possible to travel by bus, although the journey times from Buenos Aires are substantial (20-23 hours). Temperatures are generally pleasant during the summer months but it can get cold during the evenings so winter clothes are recommended all year round.

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