Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is a city with a grand reputation, famed for its nightlife, architecture and buzzing cultural scene. It's a city which has often been labelled, 'The Paris of Latin America' but in reality it is difficult to make such comparisons. The fusion of people, as well as cultural influences, from Europe and Latin America is unique and creates a distinctive and energetic atmosphere unlike any other.

The diverse neighbourhoods (barrios) of Buenos Aires each have their own inimitable flavour and feel. The sophisticated and chic northern barrios of Belgrano, Palermo and Recoleta are known for their shopping, nightclubs, trendy bars and restaurants. Moreover, the extensive parks situated in these areas provide space to get away from the congestion of the city during the day. Recoleta hosts the famous Cementerio de la Recoleta with its dramatic mausoleums for distinguished Argentinean individuals (including Evita and many ex-presidents), as well as several other reputed galleries and museums.

In contrast, the attractive southern barrios of San Telmo and Boca have a more traditional feel with their cobbled streets and decorative architecture. The Feria de San Telmo (or fair of San Telmo) which takes place every Sunday is a must-see for those wanting to sample some tango and traditional music on the streets of Buenos Aires, as well as purchase those classic Argentine souvenirs.

The colourful and quaint barrio of Boca holds its own intrigue, but visitors are generally encouraged to stick to two or three streets due to the dangers of the surrounding neighbourhood. This generates a rather intensive and overly-commodified tourist experience but Boca is worth visiting for the architecture alone, which is unlike any other in the city.

The central area of Buenos Aires is perhaps most famous for its sweeping avenues and majestic buildings, such as the Casa Rosada, Obelisco and Congresso. The streets are notorious for their shopping, coffee-shops and nightclubs and there are innumerable hostels situated in and around the centre of the city. Adjacent to the heart of Buenos Aires is the more recently developed barrio of Puerto Madero, located on the site of the old port. This has some of the city's finest restaurants with unmatched red meat and heladerias with ice cream to die for, which all come with a great vista of the re-generated port area.

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