Rosario, Argentina

Rosario is Argentina’s third largest city, located within easy reach of the capital Buenos Aires (3-4 hours by bus) making it an ideal place for a weekend break. For quite some time tour guides have been identifying Rosario as one of the best kept secrets in Argentina but its mainstream discovery should not deter you from paying a visit.

The city, famous as the birthplace of Che Guevara, has a whole lot of character and a great nightlife particularly during the weekends. Rosario sits alongside the mighty Paraná River, the second largest river in South America after the Amazon, and is a crucial industrial hub serving the provinces of Argentina. The river plays an important part in creating the unique Rosario ambience and the waterfront (or La Costanera) is particularly active with its small sandy beaches, riverside cafés and bars.

You can also visit the river islands by boat, particularly popular during the summer months but it can get very hot so make sure you bring plenty of sun-block. The city is rich in a cultural sense and is home to a number of prominent musicians and artists, as well as hosting numerous music venues/clubs, theatres, museums and galleries of national significance (the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario and the Juan B. Castagnino Fine Arts Museum to name just two). You certainly won’t be short of places to eat, dance, drink and soak up various forms of cultural expression in Rosario.

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