Salta, Argentina

Situated in the northwest of Argentina, Salta is a city which offers much to the visitor. The city itself is situated in a basin with a mountainous backdrop, adding to its aesthetic appeal as well as providing a playground for various extreme sports. Salta has a history stretching back to its foundation in 1582 and thankfully the city has managed to retain much of its impressive architecture.

The pink Iglesia Catedral in the central plaza and the dark red Iglesia San Francisco located nearby are especially noteworthy. The city is even more striking at night when artificial lights illuminate the architectural intricacies of the buildings. Salta is an extremely pleasant city to stroll around during the day or night and boasts a varied nightlife with a reasonable range of clubs, more traditional peñas (where you can listen to traditional folcloric music over a meal) as well as numerous bars. It’s become somewhat of a cliché (and one used by the Salta provincial tourist board) but the warmth of the people makes it such a relaxing and welcoming place to spend time as a visitor. Furthermore, the food in Salta is very tasty and in particular the regional empanadas, which seem to be renowned throughout Argentina. The mountains surrounding Salta are within easy reach and allow you to do a whole range of wind and mountain sports, as well as bicycle or hiking excursions.

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