Travel tips - Argentina

  • Getting around Getting around
    Argentina has a well-developed transport infrastructure making it relatively easy to travel around this vast country.... More »
  • When to go When to go
    Argentina is a large country with equally large variations in climate. Buenos Aires is fairly pleasant all year round with many sunny... More »
  • What to bring What to bring
    There's a wealth of things to do in Argentina so what you bring largely depends on what you have planned. In terms of clothes to bring... More »
  • Money in Argentina Money in Argentina
    The currency of Argentina is the peso and there are 100 centavos to each peso. Clearly exchange rates are variable but at the time... More »
  • Expenses Expenses
    Living expenses in Argentina have risen steadily over the last few years making things a lot more expensive, especially in Buenos Aires... More »
  • Climate Climate
    For general information on the climate in Argentina see: When to go. The climate in Buenos Aires is fairly good all year round... More »
  • Communications Communications
    The communication infrastructure is fairly sophisticated in Argentina and you'll have no problems contacting home by phone... More »
  • Visas Visas
    Visas are not required for tourists visiting Argentina from most western countries but it is worth checking travel advice... More »
  • Traveling in Argentina Traveling in Argentina
    Travelling in Argentina is easy, cheap and secure, especially when compared with other countries in Latin America... More »
  • Laundry Laundry
    Laundry services in Argentina are easy to find in most towns and cities. They are fairly efficient and normally wash and dry... More »
  • Taxis Taxis
    Taxis are not usually hard to find and can be flagged down on the streets of cities throughout Argentina. It's best not to take a taxi from... More »
  • Shopping Shopping
    The range and quality of shops is very good especially in Buenos Aires and it's usually possible to pick up some bargains... More »
  • Business hours Business hours
    Many businesses and shops in Buenos Aires are open from 0900-1000 and close in the evening at around 2100 (many supermarkets stay... More »
  • Health and Safety Health and Safety
    Make sure you have appropriate travel insurance before travelling to Argentina - it's a good idea to get insurance which covers... More »
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