Getting around in Argentina

Argentina has a well-developed transport infrastructure making it relatively easy to travel around this vast country. Many travellers on a budget use the numerous bus companies for exploring the interior (different companies operate different routes but a few examples include:;; You can choose to travel in buses with different levels of luxury, although for journeys of 8 hours or more a bus with a fully reclining seat (i.e. con cama)is highly recommended. Generally, these tickets are not too expensive and enable you to arrive at your destination a little fresher, especially if you are travelling through the night (which is also a great way to save paying another night's accommodation in a hotel/hostel). Travelling by bus in Argentina is extremely comfortable, secure and a great way to meet other travellers or locals during your journey. If you're looking for a little more adventure, train tickets are very cheap in Argentina but journeys over long distances can be very long and are not as safe or reliable as buses.

For those wanting to save time travelling between the notable tourist spots there is a reasonably good network of internal flights in Argentina (companies include Aerolíneas Argentinas and Lan Argentina). However, most internal flights operate from, or go through, Jorge Newbery airport in Buenos Aires and there are few flights between cities in the interior of Argentina.

The capital Buenos Aires has a reliable and very cheap train, underground and bus network which successfully moves a huge number of people around the city each day. Taxis are reasonably safe (although there have been reports of unscrupulous drivers who over-charge foreigners) but to save money try taking the colectivos (or buses). Make sure you buy a Guia (or guide/map of the city available at many kiosks) in order to get to grips with the geography of Buenos Aires and don't get on a colectivo without coins as drivers don't accept notes/bills.
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