Travelling in Argentina

Travelling in Argentina is easy, cheap and secure, especially when compared with other countries in Latin America. Long-distance buses between cities are extremely safe, regular and comfortable, and the same can be said for internal flights. Argentine airlines have an excellent safety record despite their ageing fleet of aircraft. Take a little extra care with taxis in Buenos Aires as there have been reports of drivers ripping off tourists. Taking the train in and around Buenos Aires is a little less predictable (although still fairly safe) and you should keep your belongings close to you - generally it's a good idea to travel with others if you decide to take the train. It's more secure to ring for a radio-taxi rather than hailing a taxi on the street in Buenos Aires, although you won't usually encounter problems either way.

There are dangers and risks to travelling in Argentina but these are not unusual to those which apply to travellers throughout the world. You should take extra care when moving around busy places (such as bus/train stations) as opportunist crimes do occur but violent crime very rarely affects tourists. Muggings are perhaps most common but even these tend to take place in notorious crime hot-spots/neighbourhoods and can be avoided with a little common sense (e.g. not flashing money or expensive technological equipment).
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