When to go to Argentina: climate

Argentina is a large country with equally large variations in climate. Buenos Aires is fairly pleasant all year round with many sunny days, although the winter months (June-August) can be quite fresh. The summer months of December/January are typically extremely hot and humid. Many portenos look to escape the city for the coast during the peak summer months but there aren't many notable beaches in Argentina (exceptions include Mar del Plata and the surrounding coastal towns). Hence, a large proportion of Argentines make the short trip to Uruguay in search of beaches with warmer water.

The north of Argentina can get very warm during the summer; therefore, travelling can be more comfortable in the cooler months of winter, especially if you're thinking of hiking or doing related outdoor activities. In contrast, the southern extremities of Argentina get very cold during the winter, although this often provides excellent conditions for those interested in skiing and other winter sports (peak months: June-October). Ultimately, Argentina has a favourable environment for most activities throughout the year and tourists tend to enjoy fine, sunny days whenever they choose to visit. Just be sure to check the average temperature charts for different regions before packing the suitcase!
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