San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina

San Miguel de Tucumán is the largest city in the north of the country and is an important historical site in Argentine history. Argentine independence from Spain was originally declared in the city in 1816 and the Casa de la Independencia is where the announcement was made. The house has been turned into a small museum and there are many other historical buildings of interest situated nearby in the attractive Plaza Independencia. Tucumán is not the most aesthetically-pleasing city away from the central square but it does boast a thriving cultural and arts scene. Many important Argentine cultural icons have originated from, and studied in Tucumán, including the late singer Mercedes Sosa.

Today, there are several universities in the city which attract students from all over Argentina giving the place a young and energetic feel. The restaurants, nightclubs and bars are especially inviting and give you a clear sense that Tucumános enjoy letting their hair down, whilst showing off their city to visitors. In addition, there are a number of places around the city which are worth visiting. More specifically, the spectacular two hour bus trip to Tafi del Valle, situated 100km northeast of Tucumán, takes you through contrasting and stunning scenery; through subtropical forests to rocky mountainous snow-capped peaks (depending on the time of year you visit!) Tafi del Valle is a place of refuge for many Tucumános during the sweltering summer months and it can get quite busy but it’s possible to get away from the crowds by venturing into the surrounding valleys.

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