Ushuaia, Argentina

The remote city of Ushuaia, situated in the mystical surrounds of Tierra del Fuego Province, is the southernmost city in the world (although there has been some debate about its status with neighbours Chile). It offers a natural paradise unlike any other, located near to the Tierra del Fuego National Park, where it’s possible to view all kinds of wildlife (birds, seals, penguins etc.) and spectacular polar landscapes. Its geographical location and climate (which ranges from very cold to fresh all year round – bring your winter warmers!) make it relatively easy to take advantage of excellent hiking and skiing opportunities (seasonal).

Despite its situation, the city has been exposed to the tourist rush and is an important stop-over for large cruise ships visiting the area. Of course, this brings positives and negatives; there is far more to do in the city with a greater range of restaurants and bars but those hoping to find the ‘authentic’ or untouched Ushuaia without the commodified tourist packages might be disappointed.

Having said that, it is the spectacular landscapes around Ushuaia which make it unique and there are a number of tour companies which offer the chance to explore the area in more unconventional ways (e.g. on horseback, canoeing, mountain-biking and dog-sledding). The easiest and most time-efficient way to get to Ushuaia is to fly from Buenos Aires and there are regular routes serving the city throughout the year.

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