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If you are interested in working with Dos Manos and staying at least 6 months in Argentina, please contact us. There are always opportunities to work with us depending on the season and your skills. To give you an idea, we are mostly interested in people with the following backgrounds: marketing, tourism, administration, translation, computer science or tourism. Please consider that you will not become rich with us, but we will give you a great working abroad experience in a nice and dynamic, international atmosphere with a lot of space for your own creativity.

Work in Buenos Aires - Argentina

Officially, your tourist visa does not allow you to work and it is a bit complicated to get a working permit. However, there are opportunities some to stay longer and work. Most of these jobs are in restaurants/bars and teaching languages, but also and other options. It is the best to just stop by once you are in town as it is more difficult to arrange something beforehand via the internet. There are many expats living (temporarily) in Buenos Aires, looking for a job. Buenos Aires is a great city to live and work while improving your Spanish.

Volunteer opportunities Buenos Aires

work with us The Volunteer Program offered through the AMAUTA Spanish School in Buenos Aires provides the unique opportunity to live and work in Argentina. You will experience first-hand its rich cultural diversity while cultivating a superior level of Spanish proficiency. Volunteers are able to make a contribution to Argentine society and to bridge the gap between foreign visitors and native Portenos. You will need to have a minimum of eight weeks to dedicate to the Volunteer Program. The first four weeks of the program will be spent studying Spanish, while the volunteer placement will continue for four weeks more. During the Spanish Course you can choose where to stay, either with a host family or in our student accommodation. During your volunteer work you will be staying at the student accommodation with other students and volunteers.

Participants may choose both the field and preferred location of their volunteer placement. Possible fields of interest include social work, education, tourism, cultural work and catering. While most of AMAUTA's projects take place in Buenos Aires, there are also projects in other locations. A complete list of the 30 projects can be sent upon request.

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